Celtic Harp Links

This list of Celtic Harp Links comes from the hundreds that I’ve compiled over several years. Of course there are many more helpful harp-related sites on the web, but these are my favorites.

Finding a Harp

Are you lucky enough to have a harp store in your area?  If so, please support it and enjoy the rare opportunity to look at harps and music in person.

The Harp Connection
A place to rent a lever harp, especially handy if you don’t have any harp stores in your area. The Harp Connection also sells new and used harps, harp strings, music, and accessories.

Harp Music Sources

Kolacny Music
Here in Denver, we are lucky to have a local harp store that has been a fixture in the harp world for decades..  Stop by for harp talk, harp repair, harp shopping, or harp music if you’re in town.  Kolacny Music also sells an extensive collection of harp music via their site.

Melody’s Music
An online music store with the biggest selection of music for the lever harp, plus fabulous customer service

Sylvia Wood’s Harp Center
A giant in the folk harp world, Sylvia Woods offers a great selection of music, though since she retired she no longer sells harps.

Free Sheet Music Directory pages
These pages on myharpsdelight are the jumping off point for many up-to-date sources of free tunes and sheet music for harp (or playable on the harp)

Celtic Harp History & FAQs

Alison Vardy’s Harp History Page
A lovely history of the Celtic harp with many pictures

Celtic Harp History
Another engaging look at the origins of the Celtic harp

Celtic Harper’s FAQ

Celtic Harp Care

String Tying
From Thormahlen harps, this page de-mytifies stringing your harp

Tips on Amplifying Your Harp, from Stephen Vardy:
Harp Amplification

Links to Celtic Music, History & Resources

O’Carolan’s Life
Biography of Turlough O’Carolan, Famous Irish Harper

EZ Folk
ezFolk.com — Free MP3 and video hosting for folk & acoustic musicians, plus tablature, tutorials, and more.

Other Celtic Harp Sites

Harp Spectrum
A wonderful collection of articles related to playing the harp

The International Society of Folk Harpers and Crafsmen, publishers of the Folk Harp Journal

Therapeutic Harp Sites

International Harp Therapy Program

National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians
All about Therapeutic Musicians, with links to many certification programs

The Harp Therapy Journal

Favorite Harpists

Deborah Henson-Conant
Maeve Gilchrist
Kim Robertson
Verlene Schermer
Sunita Staneslow
Christina Tourin
Sharlene Wallace

I love jazzy, eclectic, and push-the-envelope lever harpists, so my selections reflect that. For a far bigger listing of harpists, check out
The Celtic Harp pages

Music Theory & Tools for Songwriters

Free Suite of Music Tools & Resources
A wonderful compilation of essential tools for musicians, from metronomes to chord finders to downloadable manuscript paper.

Music Theory Online
The best, free, downloadable music theory lessons and interactive drills

Music Theory for Songwriters
Includes free Chord Maps, a wonderful system for creating chord progressions

Jazz Theory Website

Online Rhyming Dictionary
Lyric Writing Tips

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