Who am I?

I’m a Harp Teacher in Denver, Colorado

susan-zevenbergen-harpistI created this website way back in 2007 because I wanted my Celtic harp students to have, at their fingertips, all the information I could give them to supplement their lessons.

Soon  new students and other harpists (or would-be harpists)  were finding me when they went searching for a Celtic harp teacher or harp information on the internet.

Along the way, I discovered that I love reaching out to people all over the world, encouraging all who fall in love, as I did, with the magical sounds of the Celtic harp.

Won’t you join the adventure?

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My Story

My name Susan Zevenbergen, and it is my great joy to be a Celtic harp teacher in Denver, Colorado, though most of my students live elsewhere  and take lessons via Skype. I also provide beautiful live music as part of  Lumina Celtic Harp and Flute Duo for events in the greater Denver area.

While I grew up loving my piano lessons and singing in choir, in college I studied English and settled for a minor in music, thanks to my belief that I would never make it as a “serious” pianist.

Why did I believe that?

Well, like many of my students, and probably many of you, I encountered teachers who made it clear that I was not fabulously talented enough to be a piano star, so why even try? In our culture, only the stars seem to matter, and there are only a few winners in the impossible competition to be “the best”.

Years passed, but once I reclaimed my right to make music, a magical thing started to happen. I started to realize that I could be the best musician I could be, and that was enough.

Better than enough.

And once I started playing as if I deserved the joy of music, my musical growth took off.


Photo by Ingrid Greenberg

Then another even more magical thing happened . . . I discovered the Celtic harp.

While I had the same obstacles to overcome as anyone does who tries to learn a new musical instrument as a middle-aged adult, as soon as I started to play the harp, I knew I had come home.

Home to “my instrument” and home to my heart. I discovered that I could be the musician I always dreamed of being, on my own terms. What could be more magical than that?

As it turns out, helping other people discover the same thing!

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