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Goodbye Nasty Pop-up Spam!

Let me first apologize to all my readers and visitors about the malicious adware that has been popping up (literally) for the past few weeks.  My web host could not find any signs of hacking with their scan of my site.  However, you don’t need hackers when a third-party plug-in you know and trust goes rogue . . .

The pop-up spam was the deliberate act of a WordPress Plugin I was using called Sweet Captcha.  The makers of this plugin betrayed the trust of thousands of bloggers by adding a malicious script from (one of the worst adware distributors) to their plugin code.  Ah, the irony!  A plugin meant to prevent spam comments and robot emails using cute little images was actually creating the worst kind of pop-up spam, freezing browsers (including mine) as links on the site were clicked by unsuspecting visitors.

Spammers are getting more sophisticated all the time.  Again, my apologies for any annoyance and frustration you experienced at my site.  And thank you for your patience!

In case you need it, here is some help rescuing your browser from pop-up spam:



More info about Sweet Captcha, for any other bloggers out there.


Now we can all get back to doing what we love . . . playing the harp!